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The prints currently offered for sale at any time represent only a small fraction of the images available from Jonathan's extensive portfolio. Please click an image for descriptions and to see a full-screen view.

If you are viewing these images in full-screen mode on a large monitor you might want to step back quite a distance from the monitor for a better idea of how the images will display as a print on a wall.

Please visit my public website for pricing and finishing options.

Some of the media choices eliminate the need for framing as they are "wall ready". Please use the contact link (if you don't know my email address) if you have any questions. Watermarks appear only on website images, not on purchased images.

Here is a link to some Basis Shots showing how some of the images in this gallery appeared in "real life".
Smoking HeartMonet Pond SceneAbstract DreamBison DreamCanyon RapidsTake CoverWildflowersPaintingFetal GalaxyMenace in the CosmosHark!It Lives!SkylineLion of JudahMystic MountainInterplaySlow BurnTangoContemplationExposure